• To journey together as holy and faithful brothers in Christ (cf. Colossians 1:2).


  • To allow Jesus Christ to set our hearts on fire.
  • To become our brother’s keepers.
  • To become a presence of Jesus Christ in our family, parish, workplace and local community.


The RCMC seeks to serve men both at the diocesan and parish levels through:

  • Annual Diocesan-Wide Conference. The annual diocesan-wide conference seeks to gather men from the diocese to inspire, to deepen and to give witness to their Catholic faith. The theme-based annual conference offers faith-filled and competent speakers who share in the teaching office of the local bishop and are gifted in inspiring and motivating men in their journey of faith.
  • Men’s Groups in the Parishes. The conference encourages the formation of men’s groups in the parishes and provides support to connect men at the parish level.